Welcome to Captain Sadie

Welcome to my new website. I’m Sadie, and that’s me in the picture when I was smaller. 2017 was a very exciting year, first- I was born in January! Then, I got a brand new family, and because I’m a Newfoundland, I guess that meant that my family needed a bigger boat, so they bought me a Pearson 365 ketch. I get from my Mom and Dad that it will end up being our all the time home, so I figured everyone would need a way to see what we are up to, so I made this website as a present to my Mom, who is the best Mom ever!

Sometimes I will put stuff on here, but it’s hard for me to type, so sometimes Mom and Dad will have to update the page. I guess we aren’t ready to leave our land house yet, so we will just have to tell you about the boat (it’s pretty cool) and what we are doing to get ready to have our adventure.

Dad and I are working on videos (I guess they are hard), and all this other stuff I don’t understand so you can follow along with us.

Life is fun!!

Captain Sadie

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