The Crew

Captain Sadie

Sadie is a brown Newfoundland, that was born in Jan 2017. She LOVES water, and her boat, but especially her Mom!! The best place in the world is on her Mom’s lap, so don’t tell her she’s not a lap dog!! As the captain, most of her duties include telling Mom and Dad when she’s hungry, or wants to go for a walk.

Admiral Sue

Sue is the leader of our crew, and of course, Mom to Sadie and the most important part of Rick’s life. Sue was the one that always wanted a sailboat and finally, I gave in! An adventure lover that loves the water and travel, (as well as our daughters and grandkids), Sue serves as navigator and is also the best helmsperson on Sumurun. If you want to find the fastest point of sail- Sue will find it!

First mate Rick

Rick is the lucky guy that gets to spend every day with the best Admiral and Captain that a first mate could ever have! Despite dragging his feet at first on getting a sailboat, it has now taken hold of his life (like he knew it would).Rick is the first mate, bosun mate, engineer, etc of the boat and will keep this dream moving forward!

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